Heartlands 2013 Winners

A total prize pool of $20,000 was shared by three primary prize-winners, a new arrival prize, two highly commended prizes and an artist in residence prize. 

The major prize winners were as follows:

First Prize VicHealth Award/Victorian Multicultural Commission Award

Minh Phan (Vietnam): Joint Winner, Two Views (Oil on copper, Four panels, 10x15cm each) 

Heartlands prize joint winner

Two Views is about what lies at the heart of the refugee debate; the bonds of family and the barriers of separation. It was inspired by photographs of his separated family when he was a child and his new family as a father. The four panels are arranged to evoke the imagery of a window frame whose view is ‘time’. Two views contrasts an ‘unthreatening’ middle class Australian family in a sunlit suburban backyard of the present with the past image of a bare Vietnamese family divided by the diaspora of war.


First Prize VicHealth Award/Victorian Multicultural Commission Award

Sutueal Bekele Althe (Ethiopia): Joint Winner, Fall of destructive energy (Oil on Canvas, 122x122 cm) 

Heartlands joint winner

The painting goes back through time to remind us of the fundamental human values of love, compassion, respect, and hope, which have been taught and passed on through generations. The painting suggests how these fundamental values rapidly fade away as they are overshadowed by bad deeds. The artwork also questions how a society with sound beliefs has allowed itself to be represented by those who openly show inhumane convictions.

Third Prize, Relationships Australia (Victoria) Award

Idil Abdullahi (Somalia): Hand of Hawa (Digital print on metallic paper, 60 x 60cm)

Heartlands winner: Third prize

This artwork and the poem which has been hennaed on the hand of Idil's daughter is inspired by a poem of a very little known female Somali Poet and Activist named Hawa Jibril. In this poem Hawa talks about another Somali activist, also named Hawa, who was killed during the Independent movement against colonialism in Somalia.

Newly Arrived Refugee Prize 

Hayatullah Nader (Afghanistan): Boat (Photography, 42 x 29cm)

Heartlands winner: Newly arrived refugee prize

"The boat shows that I am boat people and love it!"


Highly Commended

Abdullahi Ibrahim (Somalia): Here! (Photography, 27.9 x 40.6cm)

Heartlands Winner: Highly commended

This artwork is a political statement of the asylum seeker/refugee issues, by depicting an arrival of Adbullah's family in a boat. "I juxtaposed the heartfelt journey of a family of asylum seekers with a backdrop of urban atmosphere".

Highly Commended

Mohammad Ali Qazim (Iraq): Alone in Grief (Arabic Caligraphy, 60 x 60cm)

Heartlands Winner: Highly commended

This artwork describes the situation before and after the Arab Spring Revolution in the Middle East. "This work is focused on the real victims - mostly women and children".

Artist in Residence Prize

Neda Daryabar (Iran): I wish to see no execution in the world (Mock up, photography and mixed media, 111 x 38 cm) 

Heartlands Winner: Artist in residence

This artwork is about Capital Punishment and targets those authorities that execute people without having a fair trial. "They hang them, shoot them, stab them. Three fish in different situations of death indicate human beings under the unfair rules of punishment and within this I tried to depict the hate and violence and brutality of this act".

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