AMES Australia Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016

AMES Australia is a significant, well respected and credible organisation with a clear and proven focus on successful economic and social outcomes for migrants and refugees.

Our achievements in the delivery of large service contracts for government is testament to our values and capacity. AMES Australia research programs have an invaluable evidence base to inform government and others on policies and practices that impact on the settlement pathway for refugees and migrants.

Our proven framework and ability to achieve and demonstrate client outcomes remains essential. 

To maintain that success, we must adapt and refine our strategy, our systems and our processes.

AMES Australia's strategic plan for 2014–2016 represents a comprehensive response to the wider context and the opportunities inherent within it.

Read the AMES Australia Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016.

AMES Australia Framework for Social and Economic Participation

This framework acknowledges that, to be socially included, people must be given the opportunity to:

  • access services
  • connect with family, friends, work,
  • personal interests and local community
  • deal with personal crisis
  • have their voice heard and secure a job.

Therefore, the aim of the AMES Australia Framework is the settlement of migrants and refugees as measured by reduced disadvantage, increased social, civic and economic participation, and a greater voice, combined with greater responsibility.

Read the AMES Australia Framework for Social and Economic Participation.