Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship

We are excited to announce the inauguration of the Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship, a new initiative to support the study and careers of refugees and asylum seekers living in Victoria.

Two scholarships have been awarded for the 2018 academic year - one to an eligible male and another to an eligible female applicant who hold a current visa that permits study in Australia.

$5,000 will be provided to each scholarship holder to support the purchase of books, tools (if studying a trade course), computer, travel costs, or other materials to support study.

This is a great initiative that aims to support young refugees and asylum seekers to complete their tertiary studies and get them started on their career and job path.

If you would like to know more about this Scholarship, please read  Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship Guidelines  and Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship FAQs.

To apply, simply fill in the Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship 2018 Application Form and submit before 31 July. 

About the Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship

Graham SherryTwo new scholarships for young people from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds will help to support people newly arrived in Australia in accessing tertiary education.   The Graham Sherry OAM Scholarships will be available annually to a young female and male from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds to help them complete their studies at university or TAFE.  
The bursaries celebrate the contribution the former Chair of migrant and refugee settlement agency AMES Australia Graham Sherry OAM has made to the refugee sector over 12 years.
Mr Sherry joined AMES in 2004 after a distinguished legal and business career.
In his time as Chair, AMES Australia developed as an organisation fostering new ideas, new ways of working and new visions for the future.
To honour his contribution to the Australian migration and multicultural sector, AMES Australia is pleased to announce the Graham Sherry OAM Scholarship. Mr Sherry, who stood down as Chair last August, 2016 said he is proud to be associated with the scholarships.