Strategies That Work resource kit

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This resource was developed with funding from the ACFE Board (a Capacity & Innovation Project).

Strategies that Work is a free kit that was designed to be used in combination with the Intel® Learn Easy Steps program, not as a stand-alone resource. Sections can be accessed separately or in full to support planning and delivery.

The resource is divided into general delivery suggestions, specific ideas for modules (covering Modules 1, 2, 3 and 5) and three case studies that illustrate some different approaches taken by Learn Local providers delivering Intel® Learn Easy Steps to CALD learner groups.

The sections of the resource are:

  • Overview Tips
  • Instructional Design Notes
  • Module 1: Introducing Computers and Operating Systems
  • Module 2: Introducing Internet and Email
  • Module 3: Introducing Word Processing
  • Module 5: Introducing Multimedia
  • Case Studies
    • Cloverdale Community Centre
    • Keysborough Learning Centre
    • AMES Australia

Suitable for adult ESL/Literacy learners in Intel® Learn Easy Steps in Pre-Accredited ACFE Funded classes 

Writers: Marie Baird, Lilliana Hajncl, Josie Rose and Dora Troupiotis, Bonny Rugless and Jacky Springall.

The resources can be downloaded from