Seaview Meats

Seaview MeatsCD/DVD: $33.00
Workbook: $33.00
Trainer Guide: $22.00
Complete Kit: $75.00

Produced with funding from DEST – Workplace English Language and Literacy Program

The resource introduces a new worker to the policies, procedures and personnel at a meat processing site. Supervisors and team leaders take the learner over key concepts, language and work practices giving them opportunities to practise the language in the training room and to locate relevant procedures in their own workplace.

The workbook and DVD have been designed to work together or to be stand-alone resources. The guide has been written to help trainers who have not been trained to teach English as a second language. It provides some basic ideas on adult learners as language learners and on designing activities to help learners engage with language learning.

This resource is relevant to three competencies from the Meat Processing Training Package (MTM00):

  • MTMMP2B Apply hygiene and sanitation practices
  • MTMMP4B Follow safe work policies and procedures
  • MTMMP5B Communicate in the workplace

 Suitable for workers who speak English as a second language or native speakers with language and literacy needs

Writers: Rhonda Pelletier et al

ISBN 978-0-7306-5664-7

Trainer Guide
ISBN 978-0-7306-5664-7

Complete Kit
ISBN 978-0-7306-5664-7