The Virtual ILC – 6 month fees for 2020

The Virtual ILC

1 User Licence:   $200.00     
6 User Licence:   $400.00
12 User Licence: $565.00
25 User Licence: $900.00
30 User Licence: $1060.00
50 User Licence: $1425.00


VILC (the Virtual Independent Learning Centre) is a fresh, constantly evolving collection of easy to use online English language and literacy learning tasks which can be used anywhere at any time.

VILC  has been providing premium online English language learning resources since 1997.

VILC is:

  • one of Australia's most popular sources of online content for English language learning, revamped and re-launched in July 2007
  • an extensive collection of resources and activities based on - real web pages - current news and - everyday media
  • specially designed to help students and teachers use the Internet to meet curriculum goals.


Hundreds of language learning tasks around dozens of topics for leading ELT curricula (CSWE, EFL) based on real web pages. Tasks are constantly checked, upgraded and expanded.

Easynews is:

  • thousands of news items prepared by professional journalists and newsreaders at Australia’s Special Broadcasting Services (SBS).
  • news items accompanied by language learning activities prepared by AMES
  • tasks at three levels of difficulty with new tasks posted fortnightly.
  • tasks prepared around popular topics of interest and current events.
  • tasks completed on screen with answers immediately available.

Listen to this!

Listening resources and activities that can be downloaded onto your computer or a portable listening device (iPods, mp3 players, mobile phones). The content here is brand new and includes:

  • Get to Know your Medicines – advice on how to be a responsible user of medicines in Australia, developed with the National Prescribing Service (NPS)
  • English for Study, English for Tourism and English for Business developed with ABC Radio Australia.
  • Melbourne on $10. Podcasts set around activities in Melbourne costing $10 or less, with language exercises and transcripts.

Watch this!

Video clips to download onto your computer, tablet, or mobile phone for independent or classroom learning.

Life stories are vodcasts sourced from SBS television telling real stories based on life issues.
Getting to know the law is a collection of videos and activities about legal issues.
The Watch this! series comes with language activities at up to 3 levels, scripts, teacher notes and links to related websites.

Use of VILC is based on a site licence which is valid from the date of joining to 31 December of that year.