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Asylum Seeker Learning Plan (ASLP)

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    Asylum Seeker Learning Plan

  • Program Type:

    Education And Employment Pathway Planning

Program components:

Education and skills assessment

Activities in this area include:

  • Informal assessment of education and skills to inform asylum seekers about possible future engagement in VET
  • Assessment of skills through the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool
  • Not a formal education and skills recognition program

 VET pathways

Clients are supported in developing an individually tailored learning plan that is suitable to their skills and employment aspirations

Community Orientation

Activities include:

  • orientation to the VET system including pathways
  • provision of information relating to relevant community services and organisations and ways of meeting and connecting with the local community
  • group activities including opportunities for meet and interact with a range of people from the local community


Asylum seekers who hold the following visa:

  1. Bridging Visa Subclass E (BVE)
  2. Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV)
  3. Temporary protection Visa
  4. Victims of human trafficking and have referals from the Australian Red Cross Human Trafficking Program

Course duration

Course dates

10 May 2017 to 30 November 2017


How to Enrol

Please send your inquiry or referals to:  or call 9926 4088


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