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English for Living and Working in Australia (CSWE II/EAL)

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    General English

  • Program Type:

    Skills First

General English Courses are based on the Certificate in Spoken and Written English (CSWE). This course will help students improve their English language skills through topics relating to their personal goals and needs such as Education, Housing and Employment in Australia.

This course will help students improve their English language skills for everyday living and working in Australia.

What will I learn in this course?

This course will enable you to learn to:

  • Have casual conversations in English
  • Use the telephone and participate in simple interviews
  • Read and write a range of everyday texts such as instructions, letters, stories and workplace forms 

What further education can I do after completing the course?

Training for the Workplace courses


Based on interviews where your language level will be assessed and a counsellor will discuss your learning goals.

Course duration

  • Available full-time or part-time.
  • Daytime, evening and weekend classes available.
  • You can also learn English with the help of a Volunteer Tutor.

Course dates

Courses start every two weeks.


The fee is determined by your eligibility for Government funding. Download the Fee Schedule or contact AMES to check your eligibility for a concession fee.

How to Enrol

Contact the best AMES location for you and find out:

  • course dates
  • your eligibility
  • cost
  • arrange a time to have your English level assessed

The course will be run subject to enrolment numbers.

This course is free to eligible SEE or Skills First students.


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AMES Australia Oakleigh
AMES Australia Werribee
AMES Australia Footscray
AMES Australia Dandenong
AMES Australia Noble Park
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AMES Australia St Albans
AMES Australia Flagstaff - Melbourne City