Services We Provide

Band 3

Through the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program, clients who are unlawful non-citizens detained under the Act are accommodated in the community under Residence Determination. Formerly known as Community Detention (CD), Residence Determination is a form of immigration detention that enables vulnerable people in detention to reside and be cared for in the community with support from welfare agencies while their refugee status determination is being completed. AMES Australia is funded by DIBP to source appropriate housing, provide payment of essential living expenses and ensure access to relevant health and community services as well as social support networks.

AMES Australia began delivering these services in May 2011 with a sub-contract through the Australian Red Cross for families and vulnerable adults. In mid-2012 AMES Australia secured a direct contract with DIBP to provide a larger program, primarily focusing on vulnerable families. Both of these contracts continued to service clients with the support and assistance from our partners, Redback and Diversitat. From the beginning of 2015 AMES has delivered these services to clients as Band 3 SRSS clients.

Band 4

Band 4 services are available for families and adults exiting immigration detention on eligible visas who require short-term transitional support. Families with children aged 10 and under who are exiting immigration detention are eligible for up to 12 weeks support, all other Band 4 clients are eligible for up to six weeks support.

Services include:

  • Provided accommodation
  • Orientation Support
  • Case Management

Band 5

Band 5 services are available for SRSS clients in the community with complexities that require oversight and intervention from a DIBP Case Manager and AMES Australia SRSS Case Manager.

Services include:

  • Case coordination

Band 6

Band 6 services are available for non-citizens in the Australia community seeking to engage Australia’s protection obligations through the grant of an appropriate protection or humanitarian visa.

Services include:

  • Basic case coordination