Education & Training FAQs

I have a 309 or 820 spouse visa. Am I eligible for free English classes?

Yes, you are eligible (subject to an assessment of your English skills).  Please contact an AMES Australia Centre and arrange an interview.

I am a skilled migrant and I have passed the IELTS tests. I would like to know if I am eligible for AMEP free English classes. 

Skilled migrants who have passed the IELTS test are not eligible for the AMEP.

Please call AMES Australia to see what courses you are eligible for. If you have adult family or a spouse they may be a eligible for the AMEP.

To check your eligibility, please contact AMES Australia on 13 AMES (13 26 37) or email us.

What is ISLPR?

The ISLPR (International Second Language Proficiency Rating) is a scale from 0 to 5 where 0 equals nil English and 5 equals native-like proficiency.
For example Speaking 3 Listening3+ Reading 4 Writing 2+

What is the difference between ISLPR/IELTS? 

• IELTS uses a 9-band scoring system whereas ISLPR has a 12 level scale scoring system. See Chart (link) for a simplified summary of the ISLPR descriptors at each level.
• There is no pass or fail in either test. Assessors use detailed performance descriptors to assess a candidate’s level of English proficiency.
• Please note: Each ISLPR descriptor level is a broad band so there is room to improve within a band. Therefore a candidate may re-sit one of the macro skills rated as 3+ and even after 10 weeks or more of study, although they may have made progress, this improvement may not be reflected in a change of score.

Where can I take the ISLPR test?

The ISLPR test for teacher registration is conducted at AMES Australia Flagstaff only.

When should I apply for the ISLPR test?

We recommend that you apply at least 4 weeks in advance to secure your place.

How long does the ISLPR test take?

A full test takes about two hours . Speaking, listening and reading skills are tested in a one-to-one interview which may take up to 60 minutes. A further 60 minutes is allowed for the writing test.

How is the ISLPR test conducted?

The ISLPR test is conducted by fully trained and experienced Language Assessors. The one-to-one interview is audio recorded. A second Language Assessor moderates the audio recording and the written tests before the results are finalised. Your responses to the listening section of the test may also be audio-recorded.


Do you have full-time classes available?

We have full-time, part-time, day and evening classes available, but it depends on the AMES Australia centre you want to attend. Please contact the AMES Australia Centre of your choice to find out what they can offer you.

I am a business migrant and would like to know if I am eligible for the AMEP.

Generally, business migrants can only access our classes if they have:

  • Less than functional English (did not pass the International English Language Test) and
  • Have paid the English Education Charge (2nd instalment)

To check your eligibility, please contact AMES Australia on 13 AMES (13 26 37) or email us.

What do I have to do to enrol in the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) with AMES Australia?

First you need to check your eligibility:

If you are eligible, you will need to telephone one of our offices and make an appointment for an interview. At this interview a teacher will test your English level and according to the outcome, you will be placed in a class with students with a similar English level.

Are you AMES NSW?

No. AMES NSW and Navitas deliver education services in NSW,

Does AMES Australia offer ISLPR tests?

Yes. AMES Australia runs ISLPR assessments at its education centres. See our page on ISLPR Assessments for more information.

I will immigrate to Australia in the near future (marriage visa). Can I start English courses via Distance Learning while I am still overseas?

No, Distance Learning is only available to people residing in Australia.

Where can I get work experience?

AMES Australia organises work experience as part of Training for the Workplace courses. Your eligibility for one of these courses will be dependent on your level of English and if you already have a qualification.

If you're interested in work experience with AMES Australia, please contact the AMES Australia office you're interested in working at to see if something can be arranged.

What AMES Australia services are available for skilled professional migrants?

AMES Australia assists overseas qualified skilled professionals understand how to be competitive in the Australian job market. We assist with everything from preparing industry-standard resumes to getting enrolled clients into work experience roles with real employers.

Please visit our Skilled Professional Migrants Program for more information.

What is the cost of a course at AMES Australia if I am not eligible for free courses or a concession?

The AMES Australia Students Fees and Charges Schedule provides broad information on the cost of courses at AMES Australia. Call AMES Australia on 13 26 37 to find out more information on the course you are interested in and the cost of attending.

If I leave a course early, can I get a refund?

Please read the AMES Australia Refunds Policy, or contact the AMES Australia location where you are attending your course to get more specific information about your circumstances.

What do I do if I think I have been treated unfairly at AMES Australia?

Please read the AMES Australia Complaints and Appeals Process Policy to find out the best way to proceed with your complaint.