Job seeker FAQs

Do you help migrants find a job in Australia?

Yes we do. If you are a job seeker registered with Centrelink, AMES Australia Employment should be able to help you. Call 13 AMES (13 26 37) to check your eligibility.

Where can I get work experience?

The Skilled Professional Migrants Program has a module that offers practical placement/work experience. AMES Australia consultants will help you to find the placement with a reputable Australian employer.

Many of AMES Australia vocational courses, Workplace Skills courses and Traineeships offer work experience modules. Check the AMES Australia Course Directory for more information.

If you're interested in work experience with AMES Australia, please contact the AMES Australia office you're interested in working at to see if something can be arranged.

What AMES Australia services are available for skilled professional migrants?

AMES Australia assists overseas qualified skilled professionals understand how to be competitive in the Australian Job Market. We assist with everything from writing industry-standard applications to getting enrolled clients into work experience roles with real employers.

Please visit our Skilled Professional Migrants Program for more information.

What recruitment services do you offer employers?

Customised recruitment and training services are available for employers, visit our Employers page for more information.