Special Preparatory Program

All refugee/humanitarian entrants are eligible for extra hours in the AMEP. These extra hours must be used before you start using your 510 AMEP hours.

Eligibility for the SPP

  • If you are between 16 and 24 years old and had a disrupted education, you can have up to 400 extra hours of tuition.
  • If you are over 24 years of age or are a young person who has some education, you can have up to 100 extra hours of English classes.

You may not need to have all of these extra hours if your English is good and your AMEP Counsellor thinks you will soon be ready for the next step on your pathway.  Discuss the options with the AMEP Counsellor when you enrol.

Special language classes in SPP are for learners who may have difficulty in a regular English class.  You may not have been to school before or you may have health issues from being in a refugee situation that make it difficult for you to learn. 

SPP classes are smaller than regular English classes and all the learners are refugees/humanitarian entrants with special learning needs.  The classes may be in a community centre or local health centre. The classes will help you become confident about learning English in Australia. These classes have a focus on your health and settlement needs. 

Not all centres have a special SPP class so you will need to talk to an AMEP Counsellor to find the nearest one to you.