Policy Responses

AMES prepares policy responses on a range of topics to assist in influencing government policy. Some are prepared in response to specific requests from state and federal government, others are in response to policies where the government is seeking public input. Responses focus on the impacts of policy for newly arrived refugees and migrants.

Select the links below to read policies and AMES responses.

AMES Submission to VET Funding Review

30 April 2015

Read AMES Submission to VET Funding Review

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Employment Services 2015 - 2020 Exposure Draft

22 August 2014

Read AMES response to the Employment Services 2015 – 2020 Exposure Draft submitted to the Department of Employment.

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A response to the Victoria Police Community Consultation on Cross Cultural Training and Field Contact Policy

9 September 2013

Read AMES response to the Victoria Police review of cross cultural practices.

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Building Opportunity: AMES Policy Briefing

1 August 2013

Read the latest Policy Briefing from AMES in the areas of Settlement, Education, Training, Employment, Research, Volunteering, Social Enterprise and Skilled Migrant Programs.

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AMEP and Settlement outcomes

31 May 2013

Following the historic perspective presented by DIAC, this paper outlines current government policies informing the provision of settlement services; and the specific role of the AMEP in contributing to these policy outcomes.

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DEEWR Employment Services – building on success Issues Paper 2015

15 March 2013

Read AMES response to DEEWR's consultation paper. This Issues Paper seeks to help the government review existing services and determine the delivery of employment services from July 2015 onwards.

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Presentation to the Multifaith Reception

4 December 2012

AMES delivered a speech at the Multifaith Reception on 3rd December 2012.

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DIAC proposed pilot of a private/community refugee sponsorship program

8 August 2012

Read AMES response to the Department of Immigrations & Citizenship's call for the community's views on the feasibility of a private sponsorship pilot program as a way to improve Australia's Humanitarian Program.

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Employing Refugees in Health Discussion Paper

27 July 2012

AMES and the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) have released a joint discussion paper that identifies employment in the health sector for people who have arrived as refugees is a win/win for refugees and the health system as a whole.

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Inquiry into Multiculturalism

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration | April 2011

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