Refugee Mentoring Program

The Refugee Mentoring Program (RMP) is an individualised, intensive mentoring program for refugee clients who are registered with a jobactive provider.  To be eligible for the program, you must:

  • be a humanitarian entrant to Australia and hold a visa from Subclass 200, 201, 202, 203 or 204;
  • be registered with a jobactive provider and supported by them to join the program;
  • have a level of English sufficient to pursue employment in your profession or trade, and;
  • be ready, available and eager to work.

The program aims to assist you with:

  • planning a career pathway in Australia;
  • identifying gaps between Australian employer expectations and your current professional competencies;
  • learning how to apply existing skills and overseas work experience in the Australian context;
  • learning how to obtain recognition of overseas skills and qualifications;
  • finding opportunities to upskill or reskill, and;
  • achieving your career goals. 

Services we provide to support you in achieving your career goals:

Intensive Mentoring Program

Six months of intensive individual service provision focusing on self-improvement to maximise employment opportunities in the Australian labour market.
This will include the fundamentals of:

  • a skills based approach to self-promotion;
  • identification of professional competencies transferrable and applicable within the context of the Australian/local job markets;
  • education on analysing local labour markets and presenting to employers in a way that demonstrates your value within that context;
  • professional networking and communication techniques essential for building productive working relationships, and;
  • pre-employment coaching to prepare clients for workplace expectations regarding OH&S and to ensure they understand their workplace rights under Australian labour and industrial relations law.
Employer Networks

The RMP will build upon the existing employer/industry and professional linkages established through the Career Pathways Pilot with direct employer connections and the investigation of establishing paid intern and trainee placement arrangements, as well as identifying traditional employment opportunities.  There will also be a focus on assisting employers to understand how they can best support participants during the recruitment and onboarding process, noting that refugees face unique challenges adapting to Australian recruitment practices and workplace culture, but that these challenges can be overcome with the right support.


AMES Australia already delivers highly regarded courses. The RMP also has an agile module based system of delivery not tied to traditional time frames, but which can be used on a needs basis, improving accessibility and relevance for clients seeking immediate access to improve a specific professional competency for earlier job readiness.

Access to Further Education

Where further higher or vocational education is deemed suitable or necessary for a client’s career goals, the RMP will assist clients to identify a suitable educational pathway, submit their application, navigate enrolment and apply for scholarships where eligible.

How to proceed:

  • the program can be funded by your jobactive provider, who will also need to arrange your referral;
  • a Letter of Authority to Invoice form, Purchase Order, or similar will be accepted. The cost of the Intensive Mentoring Program is $1650.00 (GST inclusive).