How is the AMES Australia Skilled Migration different from other Migration Services?

Recent research conducted on Skilled Migrants evidence that many migrants face obstacles in entering the Australian labour market, some of which include their overseas skills and experience not being recognised by Australian employers, English language proficiency and lack of local work experience and networks. Without support, many skilled migrants find they have to accept employment in unrelated fields or work in occupations where their skills are underutilised.

AMES Australia has played a significant role for the last 60 years in successfully settling hundreds of thousands of new arrivals through our broad range of settlement, English Language and employment services. The purpose of the new AMES Skilled Migration service is to utilise our breadth of services to improve the experience of skilled migrants. Our ultimate goal is to improve the employability of skilled migrants in Australia to ease their transition into the job market as well as to increase their economic and social participation in Australian society.

How do I sign up for the Skilled Migration Advice Service?

Register your interest by completing and submitting this form. If you are eligible for the service, we will get in touch with you to set up a face to face consultation.

How do I know which visa is best for me?

You can organise a consultation with us to get detailed guidance on which visa pathways best suit you. At the consultation, we will go through your individual circumstances, outline the visa pathways, stages of the application process, costs and approximate processing timelines.

How will AMES Australia assist me in finding employment?

Once you have engaged our services and have submitted a visa application, we will work with you to help you with preparing for your life and employment in Australia. This can include guidance on registration requirements, skills and qualification recognition, career counselling, finding and mentor and opportunities with our industry partners.

Do I have to pay for this service?

Yes, this will be a fee-paying service. Our professional fees will vary depending on the visa type you apply for, and your individual circumstances. It is important to note, that the fee will cover not only the visa service but support we provide to skilled migrants to live and work in Australia. We will explain our fee structure at the initial consultation.