Preparing for employment

Once you arrive here and are settled in, you’ll become part of our Skilled Professional Migrants Program (SPMP). If you’re already here (as an international student or graduate), you’ll become part of our Skilled Professional Graduate Program (SPGP). Both of these programs will give you access to our team of career professionals, who will help with the next stage of your journey.

SPMP or SPGP will include the career counselling and mentoring service, along with networking and other events designed to bring you closer to employers in Australia. There will also be an opportunity to undertake practice interviews (in the Australian style) and receive personal feedback with your career coach. You’ll get to meet other like-minded professionals who have recently migrated to Australia and be part of a large alumni group that share and network with each other.

AMES Australia has many industry partners and can organise industry work experience placements as well has make job referrals. You’ll be eligible for all these services from our dedicated business centre in the city.