Settlement Support

We help clients make informed settlement decisions and find work that reflects their skills and education.

Whether you are planning to migrate to Australia or already living here, an international student or a skilled migrant, we have programs to support you. Guidance is also offered to any family members making the transition to life in Australia with you.

You can access pre-arrival services and programs once you’ve been invited by the Department of Home Affairs to lodge your visa application and then orientation programs once you arrive in Australia.

Before you arrive

Our pre-arrival program empowers you with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the Australian job market. During this phase you will get started on your employment journey and ensure that you are ‘job ready’ when you land in Australia.

We offer clients a series of online courses that can be accessed when it suits you and completed at your own pace. The courses can be accessed on a computer or smart phone.

Pre-arrival learning focuses on:

  • Preparing your resume for the Australian job market
  • Developing relevant communication and employability skills
  • Job searching
  • Understanding job advertisements and position descriptions
  • Writing cover letters
  • Building your online/social media profile and networking

Clients also receive guidance on the Australian workplace culture and recruiting practices, relevant government services and education opportunities. 

When you arrive

Our team will provide you with an orientation once you arrive.

We understand that during this phase there is a lot to organise for your life in Australia, so we provide information about:

  • Registering with local services
  • Schooling for children
  • Your new neighbourhood
  • Participating in your local community
  • English classes for you or your family members, if needed

AMES Australia has over sixty years of experience assisting migrants with settlement services. Stay informed and motivated through your journey with our services.

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