Volunteer Training

The AMES Australia Community Volunteer Tutor Training Program provides training for volunteers and support to coordinators, to help community organisations manage volunteer tutor programs that help migrants with their English.

The Program is provided at no cost, through funding from the Department of Education and Training. It targets those migrants who are not eligible for the AMEP.

The Community Volunteer Tutor Training Program provides:

  • A comprehensive training course for volunteer tutors, covering adult learning, settlement and cross cultural communication, identifying learners’ needs, planning lessons and tutoring activities.
  • A training manual and hands-on resources for tutoring.
  • Guidance and information for coordinators on setting up a program and managing volunteers.
  • Workshops on a variety of useful and inspiring topics for both volunteers and coordinators.

Participating organisations need to have a coordinator to oversee volunteer activity (this person may be a volunteer themselves) and to be responsible for recruiting and supporting volunteers in their role.

To discuss the training and support we can provide your organisation, please contact the AMES Australia Community Volunteer Tutor Training Program Coordinator via email or on 03 9926 4633

Volunteer Tutor Workshops

Volunteer Tutors from community organisations are invited to attend any of our workshops to gain new ideas and resources to use in their tutoring.

There is no cost for CVTTP workshops or training. The Community Volunteer Tutor Program at AMES Australia is funded by the Department of Education and Training.

Click below to access the schedule of Term 2 workshops.