The Application Process

Applications for teaching will be acknowledged within one week of application. The Human Resources department may make contact with you to request further information or to confirm your qualifications and experience.

At this time you will be advised whether you are eligible to be registered with AMES Australia, applications will be placed into our candidate pool and should any sessional or emergency work become available you will be contacted for interview.

Please note: by submitting an application for emergency or sessional teaching you are not guaranteed a position with AMES Australia and will only be contacted should an opportunity arise.

If you are advised you are suitable to teach with AMES Australia, your details are recorded on a central database maintained by the AMES Australia Human Resources Division and accessed by all AMES Australia Education sites. Education sites then contact teachers at a local level when work is available. There is no formal system or ranking of teachers to determine which teachers are called upon for work so it may assist you to contact Education sites directly to introduce yourself and to keep in touch with the site regarding your availability (please note you should only do this once you have received a letter confirming your suitability to teach with AMES Australia). You should also advise Human Resources should any of your personal details or availability to teach change, in order to update the AMES Australia database.

For more information about teaching at AMES Australia please send an email to
Human Resources
GPO Box 4381
Melbourne VIC 3001