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21 July 2020
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#AMESCareerTips Series Introducing AMES Australia’s Career Tips series, assisting you with Job Seeking and Career Management in 2020.

Video Transcript:

Hello my name is Melissa Pratt and I have been the Recruitment Manager at AMES Australia for the past 5 years. Today we are going to be speaking about Referees and the importance of having the right referee to support your job application.


Choosing the correct referees to provide to prospective employers can be a difficult decision. Usually you won’t need to provide your referees until requested after an interview, however for some jobs you may need to provide them when submitting your application.


The best referee is someone who:

        Has a leadership role, preferably in the industry you’re trying to find work in

        Has Managed you in the past, or is your current Manager

        Is someone who has been supportive of you and you can count on them to say good things about you

        Is articulate and will provide your prospective employer with a good idea of your skills, experiences and ability to complement their team

        Is responsive with communication!  There is no point in having a fantastic referee if they’re too busy to return a recruiter or prospective employer’s call


If you can’t find someone who meets all of these criteria, then get as close as you can.


For example, a Manager from a previous job who worked closely with you, but you didn’t report directly to them would be a good referee, if not the absolute perfect choice.


Also, a referee based in Australia is preferable, but overseas referees are alright as long as they are contactable (preferably by email) and can communicate in English.


Speak to your preferred referees in advance to make sure they’re happy to provide a reference for you, and make sure you get their current details (their full job title, and up-to-date contact details including phone or mobile number and an email address). And make sure you know what they will say about you.


Let them know you’re actively applying, just in case they get a call without your prior notice that the prospective employer is calling them.


If you do get selected for interview, and the prospective employer advises you that they plan to call for references, you should let your referees know and even send them whatever details you have about the job, such as the job ad or position description, so they can be prepared. The better they understand the role you’ve applied for, the better they’ll be able to relate your past performance to the role in question.


If you’re really struggling to identify suitable referees, you may need to consider speaking with a Teacher or Trainer who has instructed you, a leader in your community, a family friend with a prestigious job, and if you have run your own business you could ask a past or current client or someone else you know who seems appropriate and would say good things about your character.


I hope this has helped you to understand the importance of providing the right referees.


Thank you for your time, and all the best with your job searching.


If you have any questions or wish to get in touch with AMES Australia to see how we can help you in your career journey, call 13 AMES (that’s 13 2637) during business hours.



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