Cultural Diversity Program


For over 65 years we have proudly built our reputation and achievements on understanding the value of cultural diversity.

More and more, research both internationally and within Australia, is clearly showing that the benefits of fostering cultural diversity in an organisation delivers benefits on a number of levels.

These include:

  • Better decision-making
  • Increased leadership and management capacity
  • Less absenteeism and greater staff retention
  • Being the employer of choice
  • Increased innovation and market growth
  • Improved performance and profitability

How we can help

AMES Australia can support your organisation with assessing your organisation’s competency against recognised measures of cultural diversity.

We can then provide practical steps to effectively manage a culturally diverse workforce.

We offer consultancy services with two products for the corporate sector – Leading Diversity and Making Diversity Work.

Courses can be delivered at your site, at one of our learning centres or online.

Leading Diversity

Achieving a higher level of cultural diversity in your organisation starts with the development of a cultural diversity strategic plan.

Our team will work with you to identify the current levels of cultural diversity within your organisation to set appropriate benchmarks.

Your organisation’s policies and procedures will be assessed and changes will be recommended to achieve more inclusive behaviours and reduce unconscious bias.

If you already have a strategic plan for cultural diversity, AMES Australia will work with you to ensure your plan is enhanced, realistic and authentic to the values of your organisation.

Making Diversity Work

AMES Australia has an extensive suite of services that can be tailored to your organisation to gain from cultural diversity and inclusion.

These services include:

  • Training courses such as in English language proficiency, skills training, workplace cultural diversity and prevention of violence against women awareness training
  • OHS support including training with English language support and audits and production of appropriate site signage
  • Developing and implementing HR practices that support cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership programs for staff
  • Settlement support services for 457 visa holders including help with housing and schools
  • Specialist recruitment opportunities to match jobseekers or work placement students with prospective workplaces