AMES Australia Online Service Standards

AMES Australia is committed to providing a quality learning experience for students studying online and these online service standards explain our commitment to you in key areas. AMES Australia offers a range of courses that can be delivered partly or wholly online via our online platform – myAMES.

AMES Australia provides the following support to help you with your online study:

Contacting your Teacher/assessor

Are available for enquiries about learning and assessment by phone and email for the duration of the course. Teachers will provide you with contact details when your online class commences and will respond to student enquiries within 1 business day. 

Administrative support and additional help

If you have an enquiry requiring support our Student Administration Support Team are available by phone or email between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. The team will reply to your phone calls during those times and to emails within two business days. Call 13AMES (13 26 37) or email

myAMES online learning platform support

Call 13AMES (13 26 37) between 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday to assist with accessing the myAMES online learning platform.

Support services

AMES Australia supports you to reach your goals. As an AMES Australia online student, you have access to the same support services as on-site campus students this includes access to career and learning pathways.

You can attend the Independent Leaning Centres (ILC’s) across our sites to access computers and your online learning resources.

Student entry requirements and induction

Digital literacy

To support your learning experience AMES Australia conducts a comprehensive Pre-Training Review (PTR) to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for your needs. This includes evaluation of your digital literacy skills.

IT Requirements

You will access your learning materials using myAMES - our Moodle learning management system.

The following are the minimum information technology requirements to access your online learning resources:

  • A desktop or laptop computer with 8GB memory and 1.8Ghz processor, running a current operating system that supports recent browsers
       o Desktop/laptop (Google Chrome, Firefox)
       o Mobile/Tablet/iPad (Google Chrome, Mobile Safari)
       o Some online learning activities are compatible only with Chrome, so it is highly recommended for the best user experience that Google Chrome is used.
  • A reliable internet connection with a sufficient data plan to ensure learning activities can be completed. Students experiencing poor internet connections may choose to attend an AMES Australia campus where free Wi-Fi is available as well as access to computers in our Independent Learning Centres (ILC’s).
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or later version.

Learning materials

AMES Australia ensures online learning materials include:

  • Interactive live video conferences with teachers and peers using ZOOM
  • Interactive discussion forums
  • Guided content
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Social media.

Where social media is used to deliver learning resources, an alternative will be offered for students who do not wish to utilise social media. This may include hard copy resources.

Accessibility statement

AMES Australia understands the need to ensure that our learning materials are accessible for all.

We apply the principles of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to our learning materials, by ensuring that they are: perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. If any information or service is inaccessible or you are experiencing problems accessing content for any reason, please contact us.

Student engagement

AMES Australia provides collaborative learning opportunities that enables you to interact and engage with your peers and teacher through group discussion forums, online messaging and live webinars.

Ongoing feedback will be provided as you study through:

  • Interaction with teachers in webinars, discussion forums, 1on1 phone calls and email.
  • Detailed feedback on your assessments, as appropriate.

To help you keep on track with your learning goals, we will check to see how you are going within two weeks of your start date and contact you by email, phone or SMS. We will check in regularly with you by email, phone or SMS to see how you are progressing.

We understand and care about your learning progress and engagement with your teachers and learning resources. For this reason students who have not logged on within 5 days of the course commencement date will be contacted by a teacher as a courtesy. It is important for teachers to maintain a connection with you so they can listen to your ideas, thoughts and concerns regarding your study, assessment or other learning queries and provide you with sound advice, coaching and guidance where it is most needed.

Students who have not participated within five weeks of their course start date, and do not reengage after 3 attempts at contact, will be deemed to have stopped studying and will be withdrawn from the course.

Mode and method of assessment

Forms of assessment will vary per course, but may include a combination of the following:

  • Observation
  • Knowledge questions
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Evidence portfolios
  • Reports or case studies
  • Demonstration of practical skills
  • Role plays
  • Participation in group discussion forums

Where students are asked to demonstrate competency in practical skills, video technology may be used.

NB: The assessment approach may vary during the COVID-19 period due to government restrictions and recommendations at any specific stage. Your teacher will advise you.

Teachers and assessors delivering online

AMES Australia’s teachers and assessors delivering components of their course online are experienced in online delivery or are supported by experienced teaching and support staff using centrally developed online learning resources. Teachers and assessors have undertaken professional development in online delivery, which could include:

  • Formal qualifications in online training
  • Participation in staff reference group of online teachers and assessors, who meet and share ideas for improvement.
  • Participation in an online Community of Practice (AMES Australia WBT Ambassador Network; Course Networks)
  • Participation in Course level Networks group of online trainers of teachers and assessors, who connect and share ideas for improvement.
  • Professionals memberships’ e.g. Australian Institute of Training & Development (AITD).