Letters of support and public

Letters of Support

AMES Australia is committed to supporting partners and organisations working with refugees and migrants, in their efforts to secure funding to pursue services and improvements to the lives of newly arrived individuals and their communities.

AMES Australia will consider providing a Letter of Support to organisations working with newly arrived refugees and migrants or more generally in the multicultural sector based on the following principles:

  • The project generally aligns with AMES Australia strategic direction or intends to have a demonstrable positive effect on the life of a newly arrived individual or community.
  • AMES Australia will not be in competition with the requesting organisation for the same funding or tender opportunity.
  • The Project does not represent a competitive project to services or programs currently offered by AMES Australia.
  • AMES Australia is provided sufficient time (minimum 10 working days) to consider the Request for provision of a Letter of Support.
  • AMES Australia is satisfied that sufficient information has been provided about the Project and is confident the Project is viable and represents a valuable opportunity to enhance the lives of newly arrived individuals, communities or multicultural cohorts.

To request a letter of support from AMES Australia, please fill out the Request for Letter of Support Form and email it along with a draft Letter of Support to your AMES Australia contact at least 10 days before the Letter is required.

Public Letters

AMES Australia is often approached to provide their name or logo as a signature or endorsement of Public Letters that may be sent to a person in a position of authority or which is intended to appear in traditional, broadcast or social media.

AMES Australia recognises its responsibility to support and be seen to support issues that may advantage or that identify disadvantage to our clients. AMES Australia welcomes the opportunity to participate and support issues that can add value to the lives of our clients.

However, due to contract obligations or to abide by internal or public sector guidelines, it may not always be possible for AMES Australia to agree to these requests. AMES Australia will not support any letters which personally denigrate an individual or which is disrespectful in tone; or contains information that cannot be verified.

Organisations seeking AMES Australia official support for Public Letters should contact AMES Australia directly through their AMES Australia contact and provide a transcript or draft or the letter so that AMES Australia may consider whether it is appropriate. If AMES Australia does support and approve use of their name or logo, at all times, AMES Australia must be provided with a final copy of any letter before final approval is provided.

Approval for use of the AMES Australia name or logo for Public Letters can only be provided by a member of AMES Australia Executive and at the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.