Why Volunteer with AMES Australia

At AMES Australia, the role of volunteering in supporting and strengthening newly arrived communities is not only important, but essential.

What do AMES Australia volunteers do?

You will work alongside our newly arrived refugee and migrant clients and our committed and passionate staff, joining over 2000 AMES Australia volunteers who range in age from 18 to 80 and speak more than 80 languages. Over half of our volunteers have first-hand experience of settlement or learning a new language.

As the needs of our new communities change, the range of opportunities for our volunteers is growing. Volunteers are there every step of the way. They help clients with initial settlement and language tutoring, they mentor skilled migrants and supervise vocational activities and they help at the Multicultural Hub, assisting with events and front of house. While most of our volunteers fall in to three main groups, there are always other short-term programs available and you should discuss your skills and interests with one of our Volunteer Coordinators.

Regardless of the skills or strengths you bring with you, you can make a world of difference in the settlement journeys of our clients.

What are the benefits of being a volunteer?

  • Make a positive contribution to social inclusion in our increasingly diverse community
  • Provides the opportunity to connect with new people from different cultures and build friendships
  • Expands your skills and experience and increases your employability
  • Improve your language skills
  • Helps you build experience and knowledge in your chosen field for further study or training
  • Give back to your community by helping new Australians build independence and confidence in themselves and their community
  • Is a very productive and satisfying way to fill in time