Learning English, Career Development & Digital Literacy

Career Development Skills

AMES Australia offers a number of short courses that build knowledge and develop specific skills such as work preparation, advanced English pronunciation and communication, short courses to prepare for specific industry requirements such a White Card training for the construction industry.

These short courses aim to help you gain the confidence and skills for work including; speaking english effectively for the workplace or to go on to further education. These courses are generally around 20 hours in length and can be either delivered intensively over a short period of time, or over a longer period with less hours per week.

Learn English Online


AMES Australia offers a range of learn English courses and online resources to help migrants; adults, teenagers and children to live and work in Australia. Our general English study resources include videos, listening activities and grammar exercises.

Online Learning & Digital Literacy

As digital technology becomes increasingly more relevant in everyday life, it is important to have some basic digital skills to help you navigate the world around you.

By learning to use technology such as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices you will be able to write a resume, look for and apply for jobs, find resources, and stay in touch with family and friends.

AMES Australia has a range of courses to help you improve your digital skills and make the most of digital tools.

Depending on your personal goals and English level, you can learn:

  • The basics of using a computer and digital devices
  • Technology vocabulary
  • Emailing and digital communication
  • Searching and navigating the internet
  • Using apps
  • Being safe online