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Partnerships are about building relationships that provide mutual benefits. These benefits can be commercially or community focused and should deliver measureable returns.

Our partnership with you is on behalf of our 50,000 plus clients annually – asylum seekers, refugees, newly arrived migrants and skilled professionals who all share the same dream of building a new and better life in Australia, settling safely, finding work and being welcomed into their local community.

AMES Australia Partnership Program

There are a range of opportunities within AMES Australia Corporate and Community Partnerships Program that focus on shared goals and shared outcomes. Below is a quick guide to the range of ways you and/or your organisation can partner with AMES Australia.

We believe your investment in a partnership with AMES Australia and the communities we represent will provide better employee engagement, stakeholder engagement, reputation enhancement, corporate citizenship and better acceptance in new and emerging markets and communities.

By partnering with organisations in our community, together we can create a range of business, volunteering and philanthropic opportunities that will be mutually beneficial – for our partners and for our clients. Together we can make a difference. Our partnerships can enrich the lives of all who are involved.

Why should you get involved?

AMES Australia actively seeks partners to make a difference to the futures of others – to your business, to your staff and to the lives of our clients.

And the benefits are significant. For companies, a range of significant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) benefits headline the value available for staff development and better teamwork.

There are also commercial and financial benefits in better understanding 45,000 new customers yet to build brand loyalty to products and services; and the chance to identify new market opportunities and develop a more diverse workforce with potential staff who are brand new to the workforce pool.

Individual staff and groups who have volunteered to work with AMES clients bring greater responsibility into the workplace and build their esteem and sense of worth. The personal satisfaction measures are also crossover benefits shared between corporate and community organisations.

For community organisations, AMES Australia can assist the development of links to new communities and individuals. Sporting, creative arts, cultural, school, community and faith based organisations can work with, and through, AMES Australia to ensure new arrivals become new friends and new members of the community.

Download our Corporate and Community Partnerships Program brochure to find out more.

Please join us

We invite you to talk with us about your interests and needs so we can tailor a program that delivers benefits to you and to our newest arrivals. Email us at to discuss our partnership opportunities.