A message from our CEO

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We are proud to welcome you to AMES Australia careers. As you look through these pages, we hope you gain an insight into what it’s like to work at AMES Australia and are inspired to consider a career with us.

It’s the people who make AMES Australia a success so if you are enthused by our vision, and like us, you enjoy the challenges and great opportunities offered by being a part of an organisation like AMES Australia, then please view our current vacancies.

We look forward to working with you.

Cath Scarth, CEO

AMES Australia Vision

Full participation for all in a cohesive and diverse society

AMES Australia Values

  • Responsiveness

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate responsiveness as we always:

    • care about the quality of our services and programs, and aim to be the best 
    • strive to provide efficient and timely service, honest advice, and information based on all available facts
    • remain committed to ensuring that the public has a high quality education system that gives opportunities for all  
    • strive to make a difference and seek better ways to do our work 
    • respond promptly and get our work done well 
    • remain apolitical, ensuring we don’t use our positions to support personal political preferences
  • Integrity

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate integrity as we always:

    • ask questions, raise issues, speak up and report unethical behaviour and misconduct
    • avoid or manage potential or perceived conflicts of interest
    • carry out our work safely and avoid conduct that puts ourselves or others at risk
    • deliver on our promises and avoid conduct in our work that may diminish trust
    • act honestly, openly and consultatively in the performance of our work and use our positions fairly and responsibly
    • spend money or allocated budget wisely for its intended purpose
  • Accountability

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate accountability as we always:

    • use work resources responsibly and appropriately  
    • engage genuinely with the community 
    • use, share and disclose information as intended
    • consider and accept the consequences of our actions and own our decisions
    • know what we need to do in our work and take responsibility to achieve it 
    • act and make transparent decisions within our level of authority
  • Respect

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate respect as we always:

    • treat everyone in a considerate, fair and courteous manner
    • maintain confidentiality and treat private information properly
    • recognise the achievements of others and share team success
    • listen and encourage everyone to explain  ideas and actions
    • ensure that everyone has the right tools to do their work
    • collaborate and engage constructively with each other working towards a common goal
  • Impartiality

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate impartiality as we always:

    • make decisions based on the best available facts, evidence, information and arguments 
    • provide clear and proper reasons for the decisions we make 
    • act fairly, consistently, objectively and with equality (in all our interactions and actions) 
    • avoid being influenced by offers of gifts, benefits or hospitality and adhere to AMES policy
    • follow agreed processes and manage issues consistently, fairly and in a timely manner
  • Leadership

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate leadership as we always:

    • act in a genuine and authentic way, modelling the AMES values and support others to do so
    • walk the talk and match our actions with our words - others can rely on us to do as we promise 
    • promote frank and honest discussions and have courage to challenge the status quo
    • acknowledge the great ideas of others that improve the way we work 
    • help others to be accountable for their actions, decisions and their own development 
    • make choices and take actions that promote a safe working environment for everyone
  • Human Rights

    AMES Australia employees and volunteers demonstrate human rights as we always:

    • are inclusive and embrace equal rights for all 
    • make sure everyone can be involved, regardless of their circumstances, background, or personal preferences
    • respect the rights of others
    • report any suspected breaches of human rights
    • promote the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities in all our interactions and activities, with our colleagues, our students, our parents and in our communities

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Statement

AMES Australia provides an environment where our employees feel supported, have control over their work, are client focused and feel valued and respected. Work is worthwhile, meaningful, has purpose and is something employees feel confident that they can perform competently. Employees can connect with the work they do.

Our Commitment

AMES Australia is committed to achieving a diverse workforce and strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from culturally diverse backgrounds and people with disabilities.

AMES Australia is an Equal Opportunity Employer and abides by the relevant Work Health and Safety Regulations.


Information collected in the course of the recruitment and selection process will be stored securely and only used or released in accordance with AMES Australia’s Privacy Policy and/or your express consent.

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Phone: +61 3 9938 4794


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