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Kids talk: 75 ways to encourage children (Dari)

Play learn grow - create incredible things together (Dari)

Get parents involved with literacy (Dari)

Promoting social attention, interaction and communication skills (Dari)

Picture Dictionary

Picture DictionaryThe Thematic Picture Dictionary is a resource for students in primary schools, high schools and Intensive English Centres who are in the early stages of learning English. Click here to access picture dictionary.

The Thematic Picture Dictionary Workbook is a literacy resource for students who are in the early stages of learning English as an additional language or dialect. The Workbook is a companion to the Thematic Picture Dictionary for English Language Learners (Picture Dictionary) and uses that publication for its visual text material. Click here to access the workbook.

Picture Dictionary is designed for newly arrived ESL students to use at school and at home to support their English language acquisition. It enables users to see and hear commonly used words with an Australian pronunciation. It aims to improve literacy across the curriculum as a general capability, within the Australian Curriculum. Click here to access the Picture Dictionary


NumeracyFun activities to learn the numbers. Click here to access it. 


BlueyBluey is an inexhaustible six year-old Blue Heeler dog, who loves to play and turns everyday family life into extraordinary adventures, developing her imagination as well as her mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Bluey is one of the most famous Australian animations for children of all ages. 

To watch Bluey episodes click here. 


ABC Kids has a range of online games dedicated to children.

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Melbourne Museum Virtual Tour

Explore Melbourne Museum through mini-websites, audio tours and virtual tours on Google Maps.

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Family activitiesEntertain the whole family with these kid-friendly events and activities. There's plenty of free and virtual events and family attractions to choose from. 

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