Workplace Skills SLPET Courses

AMES Australia offers a large number of Workplace Skills (also known as Settlement Language Pathways to Employment and Training - SLPET) courses that will help you prepare for working in Australia. These courses combine three important skill areas in your chosen industry.

  1. Australian workplace communication – including industry related vocabulary, forms and report writing
  2. Australian work culture – including job search skills
  3. A work placement of 40 hours specific to the industry – including work safety

See the benefits

Hear from some students, employers and a teacher about how a Workplace Skills (SLPET) course can help you get a job.


To be eligible for an AMES Australia Workplace Skills (SLPET) course you will have completed at least 380 hours in the AMEP, currently in a Certificate in Spoken and Written English III (CSWE III) course, and/or you are a permanent resident or a registered job seeker.

Finding the right Workplace Skills course

Speak to your AMES Australia Counsellor or go to the Workplace Skills (SLPET) course list for more information about course content, length, dates and locations.