Annual Procurement Activity Plan

AMES Australia’s annual procurement activity plan is published to provide the supplier market with an indication of procurement activity for the financial year.

Procurement Activity Plan FY23-24

The planned activity contained within the procurement activity plan is provided for informational purposes and is subject to change at any time at AMES Australia’s discretion.

Supplier Code of Conduct

All suppliers to AMES need to understand and follow the Supplier Code of Conduct. The code of conduct outlines the minimum expectations of the conduct of suppliers in the areas of:

  • integrity
  • ethics and conduct
  • conflicts of interest
  • gifts, benefits and hospitality
  • corporate governance
  • labour and human rights
  • health and safety
  • environmental management

Procurement Process Complaint Framework

If you have a complaint or concern relating to a procurement process at AMES Australia and wish to lodge a complaint about the process you are able to do so in accordance with the following process:

  1. To lodge a complaint about an AMES procurement process, please email ( outlining the details of the complaint.
  2. Within 5 working days, AMES will;
    a. Provide written acknowledgement of receipt to the complainant
    b. Register your complaint on its complaint register
    c. Appoint a person independent of involvement in the procurement process that is the subject of the complaint
  3. If further information is required from the complainant or the services of external parties are required to be engaged to advise on elements of the complaint there will be extension of time.
    Extension of time will be based on number of working days between the request for, and receipt of, additional information and / or advice sought.
  4. Within 20 working days, AMES will complete its investigation and provide a written response to your complaint detailing the findings of its investigation.
  5. If you are satisfied with the findings of AMES's investigation, AMES will update its complaint register and the process will be concluded.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the findings of the investigation, you may choose to have the matter referred to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB). AMES will inform the VGPB within 5 working days of the complaint that could not be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

More information

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