Community Consultation

Our community consultations are about involving our clients in developing the services we deliver for them - we go directly to the source when it comes to finding out what works and what doesn’t.

How we do it

We consult communities in the following ways:

Quarterly consultations with clients from different communities

These forums are held in the CBD and all recently arrived communities are invited to participate.

Local consultations with clients from a particular community

These sessions take information out to a community and solicit input on actions that may assist members of the community in their settlement.

Rural consultations in locations where refugee and migrant clients are settling in numbers

These consultations seek feedback on a range of aspects relating to settlement in rural and regional areas.

Focus groups on specific issues
These consultations usually focus on gathering client perspectives to contribute to policy responses and research projects.

Consultations with AMES Australia staff who are from client communities

AMES Australia employs a large number of staff from migrant and refugee backgrounds who can contribute valuable insights from their experiences of settling and gaining employment in Australia.