Celebrating AMES Australia 70 years

This year AMES Australia celebrates 70 years of our work in supporting migrants and refugees to settle in this country.

In 1951 our organisation was created to help in the great nation building experiment that has been Australia’s immigration program.

Since then, through English language tuition, settlement support services and our employment and training programs, we have been playing a key role in ensuring the successful settlement of migrants and refugees; and in developing and nurturing Australia’s unique brand of multiculturalism.

In supporting hundreds of thousands people new to these shores to settle successfully we have contributed to the transformation of Australia’s economic, cultural and social life.

We can all be proud of these achievements and this year we plan to celebrate them.

We will be holding events at all of our sites through the year and, through this website, we will be sharing stories, recollections and much more about AMES Australia’s work over the decades.

Thank you,

Cath Scarth
CEO AMES Australia