AMES Real Life Readers

AMES Real Life ReadersCD (with all stories): $15.00
Reader: Taxi Driver (CSWE I): $7.00
Reader: I Love My Husband (CSWE I): $7.00
Reader: Isella New Job (CSWE II): $7.00
Reader: The Huge Shoe Party (CSWE II): $7.00
Reader: The Verandah Ghost (CSWE II): $7.00
Reader: Nancy Grandmother (CSWE III): $7.00

A series of low level readers especially designed for ESL and literacy learners. Linked to CSWE levels, each reader has low text density per page and is beautifully illustrated to assist comprehension. The back page contains a vocabulary list.

The series features adult interest stories in a range of genres such as humour, historical, ghost story.

Handy A5 format, with either 20 or 24 pages.

"…it’s good to see there’s some serious consideration of the sophisticated literacy skills of many readers beyond the decoding of strings of text… clever integrating of textual and visual information…" Educare News, October 2002

Suitable for low level ESL and literacy learners

Stories by Lilliana Hajncl.
Illustrated by: Margaret Bishop, Aleksander Cokorilo, Russell Danby, Chris Hooper, Sean Morice

Reader: Taxi Driver (CSWE I)
ISBN 978-0-7306-5637-1

Reader: I Love My Husband (CSWE I)
ISBN 978-0-7306-5634-0

Reader: Isella New Job (CSWE II)
ISBN 978-0-7306-5635-7

Reader: The Huge Shoe Party (CSWE II)
ISBN 978-0-7306-5638-8

Reader: The Verandah Ghost (CSWE II)
ISBN 978-0-7306-5639-5

Reader: Nancy Grandmother (CSWE III)
ISBN 978-0-7306-5636-4

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