At Work In Australia (Post-Beginner/Intermediate)

At Work In Australia Post Beginner IntermediateBook: $25.00
DVD: $30.00
Full Set: $50.00

A self access version of this popular DVD resource updated and simplified for post-beginner and intermediate learners. The focus in this version is on assisting learners to develop awareness of the job seeking process in Australia.

Selected units and activities from Book 1 Getting a job have been modified and updated, and new activities have been developed. The DVD has been updated and includes subtitles to assist lower level learners to access the information.

Topics include:

  • skills and experience
  • resumes
  • networking
  • cold canvassing
  • interviews
  • the Australian workplace

While the resource has been developed for self access, it is also suitable for classroom delivery.

Suitable for self access, distance learning and classroom delivery.
Level: post-beginner/intermediate, CSWE II & III

Writers: Maggie Power and Jan Livingstone

ISBN 978-0-7306-5678-4

ISBN 978-0-7306-5679-1

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