Food for a New Beginning

Food for a New BeginningThe primary aims of this resource are to provide information to assist new arrivals to re-establish healthy eating and lifestyle habits during the settlement period, and to facilitate language acquisition.

As well as an informative and interesting range of worksheets and activities for students, each unit contains teacher’s notes and background information. Much of this background information comes from Foundation House research into the food and nutrition needs of the target groups and will be most useful for teachers. The accompanying audiocassette provides a range of listening tasks and includes a variety of authentic accents.

Each of the five units covers a range of health and nutrition issues of relevance to all new arrivals to Australia and is based on a character and story from one of the target countries:

  • the former Yugoslavia,
  • The Horn of Africa,
  • Iran/Iraq - and covers a range of health and nutritution  issues of relevance to all new arrivals to Australia.

Food for a New Beginning is the result of collaboration between AMES Victoria and the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture Inc (Foundation House).

Suitable for adult new arrivals
Level: CSWE I & II

Writer: Carmel O'Day

ISBN 978-0-7306-5620-3

ISBN 978-0-7306-5620-9