Food Safety

Food SafetyCD-ROM: $35.00

*Please note that this resource is not compatible with Windows 10 or the newest versions of MAC iOS*

Produced with funding from DEST – Workplace English Language and Literacy Program

Designed to allow for varying levels of literacy and English language skills, this CD-ROM lets retail and hospitality workers show what they know about food safety. Designed for use by individuals, groups and training organisations as an aid in developing workplace hygiene procedures and retail food safety practices.


  • video clips and photos of workplace safety issues
  • spoken questions to support written text
  • everyday English
  • print option for answer sheets, training records and materials

“The great pictures and easy words helped me understand about food safety. I could listen to the instructions too.”  Small food business owner, City of Box Hill

Suitable for workers and training organisations in the retail and hospitality industries

Writer: Natalie Ross

ISBN 978-0-7306-5631-4

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