Good, Better, Best! 1, 2 & 3

Good, Better, Best! 1, 2 & 3Book 1: $25.00
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Book 3: $25.00

Good Better Best! is a series of grammar resource books especially written for English language learners in Australia. The books provide simple grammar explanations and practice activities on topics about life in Australia. They use traditional grammar terms used in dictionaries and most grammar books. The vocabulary and content is familiar and useful for learners in Australia.

The Good Better Best! series is designed for both individual learners who want to look up a grammar explanation or practise a grammar point independently, and for class groups exploring and practising grammar points in class.

An easy-to-use answer key and list of irregular verbs makes the series ideal for independent study.

Teachers will find it a useful classroom or homework tool for introducing, revising or practising the grammar associated with a theme, topic or genre.

The resource is available at three levels:

  • beginner,
  • post-beginner and
  • intermediate.

“Using Australian contexts makes these resource books interesting and relevant. I think they fulfil a real need.” Terry Griffin, teacher

“It’s the best explanation of the present perfect I have ever had – I understood it for the first time!” Student comment from trial

Suitable for adult and upper secondary ESL, ELICOS
Level: Beginner, post-beginner, intermediate

Writers: Elsie Hill, Carmel O’Day, Jenni Guilfoyle

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Unit 2: Describing people and things
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Book 1
ISBN 978-0-7306-5688-3

Book 2
ISBN 978-0-7306-5689-0

Book 3
ISBN 978-0-7306-5690-6

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