Keys to Work

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Produced with funding from DEEWR – Adult National Literacy Project.

Proficiency in a range of generic employability skills is essential for successful participation in the contemporary Australian workplace and society. However, adult learners from CALD backgrounds, with their differing prior experiences, language backgrounds and learning styles, can experience difficulty demonstrating their employability skills and understanding the culturally bound nature of many of the concepts and practices.

Keys to Work is a practical, easy to use resource kit that supports adult ESL and CALD literacy educators in incorporating employability skills into their learner programs. It contains a range of practical ideas and engaging and flexible activities which aim to enhance learners' prospects of successful employment in Australia.

Workplace trainers may also find elements of the resource can be used to introduce employability skills to workers in the workplace and the VET training sector.

Keys to Work comprises:

  • a teacher book of photocopiable student worksheets and
  • a DVD of workplace scenarios.

“The kit provides both teacher and learners with the necessary background knowledge on employability skills, as well as an excellent range of activities to develop both employability skills and language skills. The DVD scenarios are authentic and engaging” Celia James, teacher

Suitable for adult and secondary ESL teachers and workplace trainers

Writer: Jacki Springall

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Activity 5 - Reasons for change
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Teacher Book
ISBN 978-0-7306-5686-9

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