Living For Tomorrow

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The resource is the result of creatively combining the expertise of the EPA Victoria and Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES).

Living for tomorrow aims to increase awareness of environmental issues while developing English language skills. The resource, which comprise

  • a DVD,
  • workbook and
  • audio CD,

Follows the Labras family as they demonstrate simple practical ways of being environmentally friendly in their daily lives.

Topics covered in the resource include:

  • greenhouse effect and global warming
  • ways of saving money and energy around the house
  • domestic water use and green cleaning
  • he effects of cars on the environment
  • plastic bags, packaging, and the energy rating system
  • recycling and the impact of littering

Mapped to learning outcomes of CSWE l & ll
Suitable for adult and secondary ESL learners, ELICOS

Writer: Carmel Everitt

ISBN 978-0-7306-5666-1

ISBN 978-0-7306-5667-8

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