Preparing for Work Experience and Employment

student and teacher guide

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Preparing for Work Experience and Employment was developed through ACFE Board Capacity and Innovation Fund, Round 11.
These free, resources were created to assist CALD learners to develop the confidence and independence to seek out work experience or employment opportunities. The activities target clients at ACSF level 2, and extension activities provide for learners at ACSF level 3 and beyond. These resources have been developed for a broad range of backgrounds and ages, with consideration given to the needs of youth. Audio and video files can be downloaded here, as well as via QR Codes from the student book, further encouraging and enabling the learners to independently review recorded texts at any time.


  • Introducing yourself
  • Employability skills
  • Pathway planning
  • What employers want
  • Targeting workplaces
  • Building confidence
  • Getting ready for work placement
  • Cold Calling

Teacher comments:
“While developing work experience and job seeking skills, learners embraced new technologies presented. It was very pleasing to see learners take control of their learning environment and display confidence and excitement in using the new technologies introduced. Their attitude appeared to change from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’.

“The imbedding of Employability Skills in all activities led learners to become aware that work skills were highly valued in the classroom, and they responded accordingly.”

Writer: Joseph Jach
Editor: Lilliana Hajncl

Developed resources can be downloaded below:


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