Say It Again

Say It AgainBook: $40.00
CD: $25.00
Set (Book & CD): $45.00

Low level listening resource containing 245 short conversational and transactional dialogues in modern Australian English, for listening and pronunciation practice.

The kit contains two audio CDs and a book of transcripts that includes space for learners to write the conversations in their language, or to make pronunciation notes as they listen.

Topics include:

  • at school
  • at work
  • getting around
  • job search
  • health
  • local services
  • on the phone
  • shopping

Functions include:

  • asking for help and directions
  • talking at the supermarket checkout and the post office
  • buying phone credit
  • paying a bill
  • making small talk
  • buying tickets
  • inviting
  • accepting and refusing offers
  • apologising
  • speaking on the phone
  • talking to the doctor
  • registering at a Job Network Provider
  • picking up children from childcare
  • sharing good and bad news

and much more!

“At last! Short and easy conversation models in the Australian context. Essential for all newcomers to Australian English.” Abbie Dunscombe, teacher

 Suitable for adult and upper secondary ESL, ELICOS
Level: Elementary, post-beginner, CSWE l-ll

Writer: Lilliana Hajncl

ISBN 978-0-7306-5677-7

ISBN 978-0-7306-5676-0

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