Say It Again At Work

Say It Again At WorkTrainer Guide: $25.00
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Everyday conversations for workers in food production and services.

Audio resource focussing on developing workplace language and communication skills through 157 short workplace conversations in everyday Australian English for listening and pronunciation practice.

Set in the contexts of the horticulture and food processing industries, the language content would be valuable for a broad range of CALD learners in vocational or preparatory courses.

SAY IT AGAIN AT WORK is based on the original SAY IT AGAIN model, and consists primarily of dialogues with a suggested approach to using them and a range of classroom language activities to help learners develop the word bank, communication skills and cultural understanding necessary to successfully maintain or gain entry level employment. The graphics and dialogues on data CD are for projection in the classroom, through datashow or interactive whiteboard.

 The kit comprises

  • two audio CDs
  • a trainer guide, which includes a data CD to aid classroom delivery

The language skills and cultural knowledge presented through the workplace dialogues are structured around six topics:

  • Topic 1: Starting a new job
  • Topic 2: Policies and procedures
  • Topic 3: Occupational health and safety
  • Topic 4: Working in teams
  • Topic 5: Workplace meetings
  • Topic 6: Small talk

Funded under the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.

Suitable for adult and upper secondary ESL trainees preparing for practical placement and workers new to Australia who speak English as a second language

Level: CGEA 1; CSWE I high, CSWE II

Writers: Lynda Achren, Lilliana Hajncl, Maggie Power

In general, this is a great resource for establishing the conventions of workplace conversation. The lessons can be fun and engaging, and can be expanded in many ways. Having the CDs really helps, as there is a facility to have people at different levels in the same room – with some listening and some role playing, etc. I think the conversations have been very well researched, and the industry consultations have resulted in a very useful and comprehensive product. I will be fully recommending this to any organisation or workplace, and I am already making plans to incorporate this into our standard ESL delivery.” Chris Moore, Training Manager, On-Track, Eaglehawk

Free downloadable dialogue scripts.

Say It Again At Work dialogue scripts (pdf 270kb)

Catalogue sample (pdf 545kb)

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Trainer Guide
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