Sound Spelling Workbook and Charts

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A companion resource to the AMES Sound Spelling Classroom Posters and Student Charts, this Classroom resource of reproducible worksheets provides teachers with the resources and methodology to systematically introduce the sounds, spelling patterns and vocabulary on the charts to their classes.  Activities move from a focus on phonemes and graphemes in words and sentences, to whole texts, enabling learners to progress through the sounds of Australian English and the range of suitable spelling choices for writing those and other words.

The Workbook, which is mapped to the ACSF, consists of a set of classroom resources at two levels based on each row of the Sound Spelling Charts. Resources for both levels include

  • a task sequence
  • a set of student worksheets
  • texts incorporating the sounds and graphemes of the specific row
  • CD of files for printing or presentation: student worksheets, stimulus graphics and questions, and answers
  • ideas for activities to extend learning.

The methodology and resources will assist the development of ‘bottom up’ writing skills for adult and upper secondary age language, literacy and numeracy learners.

The two A1 posters and class set of 25 A4 student charts depict the IPA symbols for the 43 phonemes of Australian English and the range of common spelling choices for each sound, featuring pictures and words that are useful in an adult ESL context.

Suitable for adult and upper secondary ESL EAL learners, learners with limited oracy, literate learners from cultures that have non-alphabet writing systems, learners from English speaking backgrounds with limited literacy,  learners with no experience of literacy in an Australian context.
Level 1 approximately ACSF 1
Level 2 approximately ACSF2

Developers: Lilliana Hajncl, Jacky Springall and Jill Wardle

Writers: Lilliana Hajncl and Jacky Springall

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Sound Spelling Workbook Sample

Vowels Chart Sample


Classroom 2 Poster Pack

Pack of 25 Student Charts

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