What's The Law? Australian law for new arrivals

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What's the law? Australian law for new arrivals is a free education kit about legal issues for use in English language classes and community settings.  The kit includes a DVD with ten engaging photo stories covering legal issues often experienced by refugees and migrants in the first years of settlement.

The kit also includes student activity sheets and teacher answer sheets as well as tips for teachers about how to use the kit and deal with students’ legal questions.

Developed in partnership with National Legal Aid and endorsed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Suitable for post beginner and intermediate youth and adult ESL learners
Level: from high CSWE I onwards


  • Australia’s legal system
  • Driving
  • Car accidents
  • Buying a car
  • Police
  • Renting
  • Centrelink
  • Child protection
  • Family law
  • Family violence

How to order

This is a free resource distributed by legal aid commissions in each state and Territory.  To obtain a copy of the DVD contact:

Victoria Legal Aid
Phone 9269 0120 or 1800 677 402 (country callers)

Legal Aid NSW
Phone 9219 5028

Legal Aid ACT
Phone 1300 654 314

The Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission
Free call 1800 019 343

Legal Aid Queensland
Phone 1300 65 11 88

Legal Services Commission of SA
Phone 8463 4411

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania
Phone 1300 366 611

Legal Aid Commission of WA
Phone 1300 650 579

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