Working It Out

Working It OutCD: $35.00

Produced with funding from DEST – Workplace English Language and Literacy Program

This E-learning resource contributes to the development of generic skills (key competencies) that underpin workplace competencies in using computers, relaying and responding to information, and solving problems. The content and learning activities are relevant to small business operations in the manufacturing, transport, mining and general construction industries.

The key competencies are:

  • collecting, analysing and organising information
  • communicating ideas and information
  • planning and organising activities
  • working with others and in teams
  • using mathematical ideas and techniques
  • solving problems
  • using technology

Working it out consists of a CD ROM which includes:

  • interactive activities involving workplace situations on video and workplace tasks
  • trainee workbook for the trainer – includes activities for the four key competencies
  • assessment tools for each unit of competency

 Suitable for low-level English language learners and literacy learners in the workplace

Writer: Santina Rizzo

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Extra Activities 3 - Problem Solving
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ISBN 978-0-7306-5642-5

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