Working with Refugees & Bicultural Work with Refugees

Working with Refugees & Bicultural Work with RefugeesDownloadable Resources: $0.00

Training materials to support two new units in the National Training Framework:

Working with Refugees (CHCSET001: Work Effectively with Forced Migrants) - a general overview for anyone whose work brings them into contact with refugees or other forced migrants, be they settlement workers, teachers, employment officers, nurses or a worker in any one of many other fields.

Bicultural Work with Refugees (CHCSET002: Undertake Bicultural Work with Forced Migrants in Australia) - explicitly intended for people from a refugee background who are working or want to work with refugees.

These resources are available free of charge to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and agencies wanting to enhance the skills of their staff.

The package of training resources for each competency unit contains:

a comprehensive Trainer's Guide/Manual:

a Participant's Handbook:

Development team: AMES Victoria, ACL/Navitas English, Multicultural Development Association, Margaret Piper and Associates; supported by DIAC, SCOA, QPASTT, Riverina Division of General Practice.

RTOs with this unit on their scope of registration can request additional resources by contacting the Multicultural Hub by email:

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