AMES Aged Care courses a pathway to work

1 July 2022

AMES Australia’s Aged Care courses are helping people land rewarding full-time jobs across Melbourne.

The certificate courses in Aged Care are setting people on career pathways in a sector that is crying out for workers. And they offer students the opportunity to do paid work as they study.

Afghan migrant Naheema Wahed landed a job just a few months after starting her Certificate III course in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community). She is now working at Waverly Hill Aged Care.

“The course was very useful, it was really great. After just a month of going on a placement at a nursing home, I was offered a job,” Naheema said.

“I am still studying to complete my certificate but I am working four a days a week. 

“The course is very thorough. It teaches you all of the practical skills you need to support elderly people in care.

“And it offers placements in nursing homes which is a pathway into a job,” she said.   

Naheema arrived in Australia in 1999 from Afghanistan to join her husband who was already living here.

She has struggled to find fulfilling work until she enrolled in the Aged Care certificate course.
Naheema’s teacher at AMES Anita Matthew said she has excelled in her studies.

“She has done us all proud and is doing very well. She is working and finishing her studies. Once she has completed her certificate, she will become a Team Leader,” Anita said.


Information sessions for the course happen every Wednesday via Zoom. To learn more, visit the course page