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23 July 2020
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#AMESCareerTips Series Introducing AMES Australia’s Career Tips series, assisting you with Job Seeking and Career Management in 2020.

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Bashar Audish and I’m a Case Manager at AMES Australia. Today I will tell you how to prepare yourself for a job interview and I will guide you on how to do general interview preparation.

Good preparation is critical if you wish to perform well in your job interview.  Of course, you should start by finding out everything you can about the role and the company.  Anticipate some of the questions you may be asked and arrange someone to do a mock interview with you – this is not so that you can memorise your responses, it is so that you can work through your methods in formulating those responses.  CAR method is a good formula to use.  CAR stands for Context, Action and Result.  What is the context of you demonstrating the skill or behaviour, what specific action did you take, and what was the outcome of your actions?  Try to link your answers back to the role you’re interviewing for and what you’ve learned about the company. 

We will discuss preparing specifically for video and phone interviews on our next video, so please keep an eye on this channel if your interview is not face-to-face.

In addition to all of that, your preparation should be holistic!  In your mind, work backwards 48 hours from your interview timeslot and plan everything, including:

  • your interview location (if you have a phone interview you’ll need a quiet space)

  • your morning meal/coffee (no coffee if you’re very anxious!)

  • if you’re on video, select your outfit and have it ironed and laid out (make sure it looks good on camera!)

  • discuss with your family to ensure they understand and are supportive

  • get a good night’s sleep

If your interview is in person, make sure you plan your journey and have a detailed schedule to ensure you arrive in time.  If you arrive stressed because you had to rush you’re unlikely to perform well!

This preparation, complemented by the role and company research, will allow you to present in a confident, cheerful manner, which creates a fantastic first impression. Good luck, and I’m certain that you can do it! Cheers!


If you have any questions or wish to get in touch with AMES Australia to see how we can help you in your career journey, call 13 AMES (that’s 13 2637) during business hours.



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