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12 June 2020
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#AMESCareerTips Series Introducing AMES Australia’s Career Tips series, assisting you with Job Seeking and Career Management in 2020.

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting Career Tips video series produced by AMES Australia, to assist those that are looking for work.

I am Hap Dan and a Vocational Counselling and Pathways Specialist here at AMES Australia. 

Today I will be speaking to you all about Job Applications.

And the topic is: When applying for jobs, focus on quality over quantity

Preparing a good job application is not only listing your skills and experience to show you meet the requirements of the role; in crafting a refined, sophisticated, error-free application, you are demonstrating your written communication skills, your attention to detail, and your ability to produce a high quality finished product. Achieving this is paramount, so focus on the quality of your applications before you put effort into the quantity, and be prepared to review, review, and review again!

It is always useful to get someone to review on your behalf too, preferably someone with excellent English language skills, so that they can ensure all punctuation, grammar and spelling is perfect, and also so that they can help you to improve the natural flow of speech and grammatical structure (prose). Even if you’re confident in your English language writing skills, another set of eyes to look over your application is always useful – you never know when you might miss that critical typo!

That’s it for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed the topic and tips on writing job applications. Look out for other videos in the Career Tips Series !!

If you have any questions or wish to get in touch with AMES Australia to see how we can help you in your career journey, call 13 AMES (that’s 13 2637) during business hours.



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