AMES IELTS course helping migrants find their dream jobs

6 October 2022

Studying for an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) qualification with AMES Australia has meant a whole new career in nursing for Mohammed Shamsuddin.

Mohammed arrived in Australia form Singapore ten years ago and worked as a bookkeeper until recently.

When he planned a career change to become a nurse, he needed an IELTS level 7 qualification.

“The IELTS course at AMES Australia was very helpful in me being able to achieve my goal of starting a career as a nurse,” Mohammed said.

“The course was useful both with the theory and the practical aspects. The theory helped us perfect our grammar skills as well as writing and comprehension; and the practical side gave us weekly practice in writing, speaking and reading as well mock in exams, which gave us an idea of what was expected,” he said.

Mohammed said it was difficult to go back to study as an adult but the AMES course prepared him well for what was a difficult IELTS exam.

“The last time I sat an exam was 25 years ago, so it was a challenge,” he said.

“But our teacher Madeleine was very good. She was really well structured in the way she taught us and guided us.

“There was a specific timetable for us to follow which was helpful and we had very clear objectives,” he said. I passed the IELTS test with flying colours thanks to the support I received from madeleine and AMES. 

Mohammed is now a Registered Nurse and has joined an agency. He is working in hospitals and nursing homes to help combat the chronic shortage of nurses in the health system.

“I love my new job and I am enjoying helping people who are in need of support. It’s very rewarding work,” he said.